We are all aware that physical distancing is a test for all. Our new concept strengthens us in our will supports people to pass through this ordeal. The 3D imprint of the hand of a loved one takes on its full meaning. When you create contact with the imprint of your hand, it allows you to feel the presence of those who are far away and this direct link offers comfort to those who need it.

Your Life

Death reminds us that our body is not eternal. The last thing we do, most often when we accompany a person at the end of life, is to hold their hand. It is a sign of our love for her and to comfort her. This hand is a universal symbol in all confessions and beliefs when it comes to human contact and love. That hand that blew you a kiss; took your hand to tell you I love you; greeted you with a wave of his hand.
Beyond the legacy of hand reproduction to help us through a bereavement, this legacy also allows future generations to touch and see the traces of the passage of the person's life.
Let us also think of those who offer their bodies to science and who could offer a more comforting funeral to their loved ones, despite the absence of a body.


We are very sensitive to the hardships that people go through when the death of a loved one occurs. The products we offer have been created to help bereaved people benefit from a bequest from the deceased. These products are very comforting when, alone after the funeral, one wants to gather to console yourself with the departure of the loved one. We offer unique products and believe that they will genuinely help families live their grief with more serenity.


The presentation of the hand in a mini mausoleum or on a display during the ceremony helps to soften the last goodbye to the deceased. The fingerprinting of the hand does this after death or in their lifetime. All this is implemented, in collaboration with the funeral home of your choice or at the home concerned, with our patented device that allows us to reproduce the hand in comfort and with the utmost respect. Our custom urns, oak with sublimation of images on aluminum, offer you the opportunity to print the photo or image that represents a privileged moment of the deceased. Our company is constantly developing to offer quality products that will comfort you.


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